Substance Over Style – IT Support Episode 68

The Captain was approached by a client.  He wanted a quote for an identical laptop to what he had, but for his wife.  It seems she had been ‘eyeing up’ his laptop and now wanted one for herself.  Christian leaped on some basic pre-sales questions to ascertain what he had, and what his wife needed in her new laptop.

This vlog is based on that conversation and a reminder that at the end of the day, a computer is a tool for a job.  Whether it be personal or business. So Tom, over to you (different Tom from last week’s episode by the way).

Captain Christian and Harvey the boxer dog in the Northstar IT Space Rocket.

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“Substance over style” IT Support Episode 68

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week I want to talk about the right tool for the job.

So I had a message from one of our clients, yes Tom, we’re back to you. He wanted me to do a quote for a laptop just like his for his wife. His wife’s called Thelma, she’s even got a twin sister called Louise. I know, you can’t make it up. However she was eyeing up Tom’s laptop and decided she needed a new computer. So Tom gave me the model number and said, “could you do me a quote for one just the same as mine?”

Well, I looked into it and a combination of the model now being end of life, there was also the issue that this was a consumer line and as a business retailer we can’t supply exactly the same model not to mention the number of laptops are somewhat in constraint due to, yes, the pandemic.

I asked a few basic questions about what Thelma would be using the laptop for and what was important to her, and looking at the model Tom already had it was a hybrid laptop, this is one where it folds back on itself and becomes a tablet, was that something Thelma needed?

The answer, unsurprisingly, no!

In addition to that the actual size screen 13.3 inches in the case of this one. Now I know from my experience that’s too small for a lot of people they say it’s fine, but actually when they’re used to using it it’s too small however Thelma’s feedback was, no, the screen size is absolutely fine, however what I do really want is the backlit keyboard that yours has got.

Oh really?! That’s the most important thing for this laptop??

When selecting a computer, and you can refer to the episode “How big is your computer’s brain?”

So make sure you buy the right tool for the job, just like these, do you want a well engineered solution for your problem or a nice simple cost-effective one that will do the job you need it to do.

So until next time.

Beep, beep.

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