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Sending an email to the wrong person has the potential to send your week veering off course. Here’s how to check who’s receiving your emails (and how to recall an email sent to the wrong person).

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What does CC mean? – IT Support Episode 153

So this week I want to cover the CC field in email. And for those of you who don’t know, it stands for carbon copy. There’s nothing carbon copying about electronic email. This episode is inspired by a certain travel manager from Peckham. Yes, you know who you are. So this particular lady was using some rather colourful language highlighting some stupid questions that the person was asking that happened to be included in the reply to all. The person in question was seeing exactly her thoughts, so my tip to you – make sure you actually want the person or people that are included in the CC field to see your response that you’re sending to the sender. And there’s another tip to tell you in Microsoft Outlook: there’s a feature where you can recall an email. It doesn’t mean you’re going to get it back before the person sees it. It does not work if you are sending an external email to another organization. It only works internally and if you try and recall an email to someone outside the organization, it will tell them, so it just makes you look just as silly. So if in doubt, always double check before you hit send that everyone needs to see your response. Until next time.

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