When you screen share – IT Support Episode 115

Just when you thought there was no more mileage in talking about online meetings. Captain Christian shares another tale about screen sharing and being careful about what else people can see in the background.

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Captain Christian.

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“When you screen share” – IT Support Episode 115

Yes, we’re back to Zoom.


So just when I thought yet again, there was no more mileage in talking about online meetings, one of my friends in America,


was talking about some recent experience of his,


and I thought, do you know I don’t think I’ve covered that.

So here we go, Joseph was talking about a meeting he’d been on and a company who did a screen share to show their system off. And Joseph had a moment where his eyes might have wandered as they all do being nosy at what else is on the screen.

And in this case his attention was drawn to the tabs on the web browser at the top. And realizing that perhaps there were some tabs of websites that this person in question, really shouldn’t have been sharing.

Oh no,

in a business meeting.

Oh no.

Now, Joseph didn’t go into any more detail. It could easily have been something of a personal nature or it could have been something of a business nature that you wouldn’t want to be sharing with a would-be customer.

But either way make sure when you’re doing an online meeting whether it be looking at the background and what might be in there, that you don’t want to share.

Or, if you’re going to be screen sharing make sure that there is nothing on that screen that you want other people to see.

Maybe test drive that meeting first. So thank you Joseph for the inspiration.

Maybe you’ve got a funny story about your experience of an online meeting. Put them below. Maybe there’ll be some inspiration.

Or certainly we can have a bit of a good laugh at some of those experiences we’ve had.

Until next time.


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