Are you a target for hackers? – IT Support Episode 105

No matter how small a business you have, you can still be a target. Hackers don’t know who you are, other than the fact that you’ve got some data they might be interested in and some money they’d like to steal.

When Captain Christian found out that he had been the target of a hacking attack, he was very glad that he had two important cybersecurity features in place.

If you would like to talk to us about improving your email security, just contact us, we’ll happily get in touch. (For more details about multi-factor authentication watch episode 23.)

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“Are you a target for hackers?” – IT Support Episode 105

Hi, I’m Christian from Northstar IT and this week I want to talk about hacking.

Urgh, that didn’t sound right.

So this week, my story actually relates to me, I finally given up my trusty home button. It’s taken a while but I’ve joined the leagues of you with fancy new iPhones.

And just like computers, it’s amazing how slow they get. But in doing so, I had to migrate a number of security apps from my old phone to my new phone. That doesn’t happen easily just by restoring a backup or in this case using Apple’s phone migrator.

However, when setting up some of these security apps including Microsoft’s authenticator app which is used for multi-factor authentication and for that refer to “Episode 23”.

I needed to log into my Office 365 account to be able to generate a QR code to set up my new phone. In doing so I stumbled across the security log and found out we’re being targeted by, who knew.

This reminded me of two important things.

One. We’ve got multi-factor authentication set upon all our mailboxes. And if you don’t have it, you should.

The second one is. We’ve all got complicated passwords. A mixture of uppercase, lowercase, and special characters and throw some numbers in for good measure. That makes it extra hard to be able to hack.

And if you’re having trouble with remembering all those passwords. Please don’t tell me you’ve got them written down in a book. Speak to us about our password manager.

Ultimately, the point of this episode was to remind you no matter how small a business is, you can still be the target for a hacking attack. They don’t know who you are other than the fact that you’ve got some data they might be interested in and some money they’d like to steal.

So, don’t ever think you’re too small to be a target.

And if in doubt, speak to your trusted IT support people.

Until next week.

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