Don’t drink and drive – IT Support Episode 80

Even IT professionals fall foul of this sometimes. You know you need to keep that glass of wine (or anything) away from your laptop. But ….

Let us help fix it

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“Don’t drink and drive” – IT Support Episode 80

Don’t drink and drive even us IT people can make a balls up like that from time to time.

No, this is not an episode telling you about the do’s and don’ts of driving a car. This is about the do’s and don’ts of a laptop. Let me cast your minds back to the very early days of Northstar IT.

There was one night in question, I was working on a big project proposal for a potential new client. Although I’d much rather have been at the pub. There I was on Saturday evening.

Cue violins.

So what do we do when you want to try and take the edge off of working late on a weekend. I poured myself a glass of wine. And there I was sitting beavering away, tapping away at my laptop but making sure the glass was safely to one side. But I’m sure after maybe the second glass.

Don’t get judgy.

Maybe the third.

The glass might have got slightly closer and as that full glass of wine might have got slightly too close to my laptop, over 20 years later I can still hear that sound in my head when my laptop went.

And the power went out.

There was no rescuing that laptop. No chance whatsoever. It was a goner.

So if you want a tip from me keep this well away from your laptop. Even with modern computers that have got spill resistant keyboards, the key word is resistant.

They’re certainly not going to resist drowning in wine.

Until next time, glug glug glug.

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