How to do online meetings (Part 3) – IT Support Episode 42

This week the Captain is continuing his series of vlogs about online meetings.

This incident happened a little while ago, but we’re sure many people have fallen foul of little hiccups like this over the pandemic.  Don’t be one of them!  So take note of when you’re online for a digital meeting, and make sure you’re suitably dressed for the occasion.  Let’s face it, even as lockdown eases, we think online meetings will continue as a permanent feature of business life, just not as many and as often.  We’re sure like us, you miss seeing people in the same room for meetings too!

Crewman beaming aboard

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“How to do online meetings (Part 3)” – IT Support Episode 42

This week I want to talk about

[glitching video]

online meetings.

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week I want to talk about online meetings.

So a consequence of the global pandemic we’ve all turned to online digital meetings. However, even now that we’re nine months down the road, thereabouts, I’m still stunned at how many people aren’t grasping the right approach to online meetings. But this week I’m focusing on a couple of the basics.

Dress the part.

If you want a tip from me and I have done so many Zoom meetings in the last nine months. I do several of them regularly on a weekly basis. I’m still surprised about how many people don’t come dressed for the part.

My tip to you is, if you’re doing an online digital meeting for work, dress as though you would be there in person and do remember, because a lot of people are working from home, sometimes those little ankle biters can turn up when you least expect it. Just because the camera may only see to a certain level something may happen and if you’re not dressed appropriately all the way down, you could get caught out.

As I know someone in my own business networking group did recently when his little boy came running in and he got up to chase after him and the whole meeting got to see that he was not wearing any trousers.

Until next time.

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