Don’t be a reckless Ken! IT Support Episode 45

So which one are you?  Are you a sensible Barbie or a reckless Ken? Captain Christian has asked his two co-stars to join him in this week’s video, to help illustrate the point when it comes to your backups.

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For those who don’t want to watch, here is the story this week…

This week I’m talking backups

Episode 45: Don’t be a reckless Ken!

Hi, I’m Christian from “Northstar IT”, this week I’m talking – backups. So with the recent news that we’re all looking forward to “P” day and I don’t know about you but “P” is for Pub! And it won’t be long and we’ll be queuing up outside our local pub to enjoy an ice cold pint. So with that enthusiasm to get back to work in a normal capacity and return to the pub said  pint, I want to bring in the cavalry and have two co-stars join me for this week’s episode. So meet sensible Barbie and reckless Ken!

So imagine this week full of enthusiasm that both Ken and Barbie are looking forward to going to the pub and joining their friends an ice cold pint. Both of these people in their work environments are responsible for organising maintaining, swapping, looking after the office backup. Now, sensible Barbie had a cloud backup solution fully automated, happened in the background and she got a convenient email to tell her that it worked or failed.

Reckless Ken however decided to be cheap and keep a local backup drive which he just rotated around when he felt like it but on this particular week was more focused on organising his social life and then what happened that weekend both companies fell foul of a ransomware attack! Their systems were encrypted and a little note left on their desktop saying “If you want your data back I want so many Bitcoins in payment”. Now, sensible Barbie called her IT company and they said “Don’t worry, we’ve got your cloud back up. We can start a full restoration and you’ll be back up and running in no time”.

Reckless Ken went to go and grab his backup drive his IT company logged in and found that’s encrypted as well “What about the other one?” they said and he said “what other one?” they said “you know you’ve got two you’re supposed to rotate them around” and responded “Oh, I’ve not done that for a while!”

Now that company has lost all of their live data and is facing negotiation with these criminals. Now, if you’ve got cyber security protection on your business insurance they’ll at least help out. However even you do, you’ve got delays and costs and ultimately an increased insurance premium to follow.

So do you want to be a sensible Barbie or a reckless Ken?

Until next week!

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