Benefits of Sharepoint (Part 3) – IT Support Episode 123

Just when you thought you knew everything about SharePoint, in swoops The Captain with another invaluable tip.

Christian the engineer.

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“What is Sharepoint? (Part 3)” – IT Support Episode 123

So this week I want to cover the feature where you can access your data on a multitude of devices. Whether it be smartphones (like these) tablets, laptops, desktops: it’s not just about who accesses your data, it’s also about where they access it.

And the beauty with SharePoint is – even on one of these devices – you can access and view an Excel spreadsheet anywhere. However, editing options on little screens can be a little limiting, especially with the absence of a mouse and maybe a big fat thumb. However, you can do it! As long as you’ve got internet access and the relevant app installed on your device, it means you can edit, view, send, share…do what you need to do. And I guess the key is in the title: SharePoint.

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