Why is cyber security important? – IT Support Episode 142

Think your business won’t be the target of a cyberattack? Think again. With so many small and medium-sized businesses falling short of security measures, 46% of all cyber breaches now impact businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees. Get protected before it’s too late.

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Why is cyber security important? – IT Support Episode 142

So gone are the good old days when the definition of securing your computer was just down to a basic password and making sure you had antivirus protection on it. Cyber security is about a whole lot more now.

It can cover anti-virus protection, malicious software protection, firewalls, which can be software and hardware(ideally both). And there are other levels of protection including things like multi-factor authentication and ransomware protection. If you know somebody who has fallen victim to a ransomware attack, they’ll tell you to do anything

to avoid it in your business. Now the key reason as to why all of these areas of protection are particularly important to both your business and you is one simple link in the chain. Yes, it’s you. It doesn’t matter how savvy you may be, and that includes me, we all can fall victim when we’re stressed tired, or even up against that deadline. An email could come in that looks really sincere coming from a source you already know. It could be telecoms or a utility provider. It looks genuine, it could be threatening to cut you off if you don’t pay that late bill and all of a sudden you log in to your online banking and pay something really quickly. It could be any manner of things. One particular weakness can be in an email, clicking on a link that you think is genuine. Then takes you to a website and gets you to log in with your Office 365 details. BAM!

They’ve now got access to your account without you even realizing. So there are lots of way to protect yourself against you. I’m going to cover some of these in an upcoming series of videos. So watch in the weeks ahead for little tips and areas to make sure that your business and you

are as best protected as can be.

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