What is cyber security? (Part 2) – IT Support Episode 144

71% of businesses worldwide suffer some sort of ransomware attack. If you’d rather not add to that stat, give this video a watch. 👀

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What is cyber security? (Part 2) – IT Support Episode 143

So this week I want to cover ransomware protection. In principle, a bit of software gets onto your computer and a cybercriminal will be working to encrypt all of your data, and then leaves you a convenient little note saying, “If you want your data back, pay this ransom into this Bitcoin account usually and then I’ll give you the decryption key so you can have your data back.” This is a nightmare to deal with, even if you’ve got cyber protection insurance with your general insurance cover, it is still a nightmare. You’ll quite often find that while this negotiation goes on, you could be without your system for around about a week. Of course, you could say it would be avoidable if you had a backup, but it can still mean your computer systems need cleaning up so that you’ve got peace of mind in knowing there is no ransomware left behind. So how does it work? Well, the system we offer our clients is constantly monitoring your computer to make sure that nothing unusual is going on. It will try and shut the system down. If it can’t do it, it will quarantine the computer so that we can see it remotely but the cyber criminal thinks it’s just gone offline giving us an opportunity to get on that computer and sort it out. It should also mean that it doesn’t have the opportunity to jump from computer to computer to computer. We offer all of our support clients this system, it’s really really cheap and worth every penny to take that worry away. So if you’d like to know more about ransomware protection, put a comment below and I’ll personally respond to your question. If you’re a client of ours and you don’t already have our ransomware protection, drop me a line and I’ll make sure that that is sorted out for you.

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