How to reply to all – IT Support Episode 152

Want to know how to avoid email embarrassment (and red alert eye)? Point your pupils on my latest episode.

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How to reply to all – IT Support Episode 152

So there are two things to cover. One: when to do it. And two: when not to do it. If you’ve received an email and other people are CC’d in or on the to line, make sure you hit reply to all. Generally, it’s because they’ve been included on that correspondence to make sure that they’re involved in the conversational email trail. If you just hit reply, it’ll only go to the one person who sent the actual email, and I know from personal experience that can cause some unnecessary frustration and stress when other people are left out of a conversation. Back to number two, I’ve seen this happen time and time again over the years. Someone has meant to copy and paste a load of email addresses into the BCC field (we’ll come to that on the next episode)and then what they’ve done is sent an email to a large number of people in error. I can tell you every time it’s happened to me, it’s generally been a salesperson trying to sell me something and then they’ve copied in a load of competitors loads of people jump on hitting reply to all, either trying to pitch their service or reply at all to say. If you’re going to send an email like that, just reply to the sender. That’s when not to use reply to all. But if you have any questions about the do’s and don’ts of reply to all and how to avoid Red Alert eye, then comment below. Until next week.

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