What is the character map? – IT Support Episode 138

Want an easier to way to access every font, symbol and character on your computer? The Captain has the answer.

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What is the character map? – IT Support Episode 138

This week, I want to introduce you to the Character Map. Within Windows there’s a really useful utility called the Character Map – it’s been there forever. So if you do a search for Character Map, you’ll get a little utility pop-up. Then run it through this utility you can access

all the fonts you’ve got on your computer, but most importantly all those really interesting special characters that you’ve got no idea how to get to. They could be, for example, a trademark symbol or a different currency symbol that might not necessarily be on the keyboard. In addition to that different accent type characters, and then you can get access to some really useful ones like a tick symbol. There are many many other useful characters that you’ll find in there, so when you search for the Character Map, select the fonts you want to tinker with, click on a particular character or special symbol, and then click on the copy button and then you can paste it into pretty much anything you could be using. So go and have a play. I can personally say that I’ve used this utility. It’s incredibly helpful.

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