What is cyber security? (Part 5) – IT Support Episode 147

If your password is more predictable than, well, something predictable, you might want to check out this nifty little tool.

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What is cyber security? (Part 5) – IT Support Episode 147

The worst thing you can do is have the same password to log into multiple systems. We’ve all been there. We cannot possibly remember a limitless number of unique passwords, so how about you have a system that does it for you. It’s called a password manager. Now, we personally work with a product called Password Boss at the moment and it’s bloody brilliant. It enables me to have unique, complex passwords like this one above to log in to every system individually. So even if one system gets breached and someone steals that password, it won’t do any good because they won’t get into anything else. It also monitors something called the dark web which means it will look for your email address and your passwords that it knows about to see if any of them match – and then it will warn you to prompt changing them. And a great additional feature of this, you can install it on smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops. It works on Windows and on Mac. And if that’s not great enough, when you think of businesses you’ve got one login to a website and multiple people need to access it, this system enables you to share that login without revealing the password. That way if someone leaves you disconnect them from the system and they don’t have a load of passwords that you then need to change. So if you’ve got any questions about using a password manager, comment below.

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