Terms and Conditions

We all need them, but there are no Klingon's hidden in our T&Cs!

Terms & Conditions

From herein, Northstar Technology Limited will be referred to as “the company” and yourselves as “the client

  • The company will supply the client against the payment of the price by means acceptable to the company the goods listed in the client’s order. The company reserves the right to substitute goods of a higher specification without additional cost.
  • The company will remain the sole legal owners of any goods supplied until payment is received in full. Until such time, the client will allow the company access to their premises in which the goods are located for the purpose of repossession. The client will not part with the goods until the company has received full payment. Payment terms are 14 days unless otherwise stated. Payments that are not received within the stated period, the company reserves the right to charge late payment fees. A client with no prior trading history with the company or a client placing an order in excess or £5000 will be required to place a 50% cleared funds deposit for any equipment at the time of ordering.
  • The company will guarantee that the goods are manufactured to a fair and reasonable standard having regard to the nature of the product. The client will be given the advantage of any third party manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty. An on-site warranty may be purchased at additional cost.
  • Should any goods arrive in a non-working order, the client must notify the company within 7 working days. It will otherwise be assumed that the goods arrived in perfect condition.
  • The company does not guarantee or give any warranty that goods supplied will be fit for any particular use as the level, frequency and type of use is not within its control. The company gives the warranty that any goods supplied are of sufficient quality to perform the function of average goods of their specifications.
  • The company does not accept any liability for the performance of any software or hardware supplied, nor the use, manipulation or retention of data in any product supplied. The company strongly recommends that the client BACK UP DATA REGULARLY AND STORE IN A SAFE PLACE OFF-SITE as computers can fail without warning.  It is ultimately the client’s responsibility to check the status and rotate back ups.
  • Liability will not be accepted for any ancillary or consequential loss sustained by the client based on the performance of any goods supplied. The company will not vouch for the compatibility of hardware or software supplied to the client.
  • The company therefore limits its liability to the client, first to repair or replace the goods at its option (such repair is to be effected by the supplier of the on-site warranty), and then to limit its liability except for death or personal injury, to the value of the goods supplied to the client under this contract.
  • In the case that the client has more than one contract with the company, each contract will be considered separately.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure that any relative manufacturer’s warranty forms are completed, sent and monitored.
  • Opening any hardware equipment supplied to the client without the express written permission from the company will invalidate all warranties.
  • This contract is governed by English law, and any dispute shall first be referred to mediation. Should it be the case that it cannot be resolved by mediation, then it shall be resolved in an English Court of Law.


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