Don’t Zoom at the last minute – IT Support Episode 151

If you tend to leave things until the last minute, you might want to watch this video.

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Don’t Zoom at the last minute – IT Support Episode 151

This episode is inspired by my friend Steve. Someone had scheduled an early morning Zoom meeting (and I mean for Steve, really early). So much so, as a remote worker working from home, he rolled out of bed, showered, changed, grabbed a coffee and went and switched his laptop on. So what he hadn’t noticed is when he shut his laptop down the night before is that some Windows updates started installing. The laptop switched off and poor Steve started getting very very stressed as he was playing a veryimportant part of this meeting. So today’s lesson is don’t leave it to the last minute when turning on a laptop to join an online meeting. Or quite frankly if you’ve got any other deadline to meet. And also, as I covered on a previous episode, if your laptop or desktop computer is installing some updates, let it finish. Do not shut down the laptop by holding the power button down, shutting the lid. Let it finish. Otherwise there’s a risk you could corrupt the updates and then find that your laptop or desk computer doesn’t work at all. So if you want to make sure you avoid any unnecessary stress when joining that online meeting or anything like this, don’t leave it to the last minute. Until next week. Thanks Steve

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