We’re back to Zoom! IT Support Episode 61

Do you need some more practice with online meetings? It seems you’re not alone!  I know most people would like to see the linkes of Zoom relegated to the cyber dustbin, but it isn’t going to happen.

This video has been inspired by one of our clients.  Can you relate to Judi?  Watch to find out more!

Big claw reaching out trying to take Harvey the boxer dog and his IT equipment.

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“We’re back to Zoom” IT Support Episode 61

Yes, I’m back to “Zoom”.

So this one was inspired by a customer that I was on a group “Zoom” call with, yes Judi – this one is for you!

So I honestly thought I’d milked “Zoom” to the absolute limit. I didn’t think that there was a cow in cyberspace that I could milk anything more out of than “Zoom” however Judi proved there’s still some mileage in it yet.

Although you never know, maybe this is actually the last episode for a while. So I’ve covered the microphone, I’ve covered the webcam however it seems I haven’t covered the exit door.

At the end of this meeting this week, Judi said she had to say goodbye she had another meeting to go to. Unlike on previous meetings, where she’d
entered the room with the mic …and started going …and I was going …

This time she had the mic on while she was telling everybody in the room, the virtual room, “how do I exit this meeting?”

Judi, it’s the button down there to which she obviously laughed and then immediately exited the room.

So perhaps if you’re still struggling with “Zoom”, no idea how we’ve all been doing it for a year or more however if you are, why not do some practice runs with a friend have a virtual catch up, a virtual coffee, a virtual glass of wine, whatever tips you fancy but just to make sure that you can get those future online meetings absolutely perfect.

So until next time.

Zoom zoom!

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