What is the grey icon for in Windows 11? – IT Support Episode 141

Right now, how many tabs do you have open? If it’s more than ten (and you have Windows 11), this might be the best 94 seconds you watch today.

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What is the grey icon for in Windows 11? – IT Support Episode 141

I’ve got a Windows 11 tip for you. So, recently I went traveling and needed a new laptop to take with me. I’ve just got an admin grade laptop because, believe it or not, most of the work I do falls under the “admin category”. This new laptop I noticed “Ah great! It’s got Windows 11 on it”. Started working away, opening a number of my documents and then I usually have a feature on the taskbar to ungroup like-for-like windows. I’ve quite often got three Excel documents open. Well, the default setting in Windows 10 would be to group them together. I didn’t like that feature, so I would always have that switched off. So while the taskbar wasn’t too full, it would mean Windows would keep all those documents separate so I could easily click and jump in between documents. However, Microsoft in their infinite wisdom, seem to have removed that feature. Highly unusual for Microsoft to take one step backwards to make one step forward. So what’s the forwards? Well, if you’re using Windows 11, go and click on that grey icon in the middle of the taskbar. You’ll find all of your active windows will zoom up onto the screen and that way you can navigate between those windows really quickly. Personally, I don’t think it’s quite as useful as it used to be. But it is a useful feature of windows 11, so hopefully you’ll find that little tip useful.

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