What is cyber security? (Part 1) – IT Support Episode 143

As you read this sentence, cyber criminals are hard at word creating the latest virus to infiltrate business systems. But that doesn’t worry you because your systems are fully protected with antivirus software, right? Riiiight?

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What is cyber security? (Part 1) – IT Support Episode 143

So what is cyber security? Last week I covered a broad range ideaabout what cyber security is and why it’s important. This week I’m covering antivirus software. This has been around for decades. And if you’ve been in the industry as long as I have, you’ll remember these.Yes, we used to receive anti-virus updates on floppy disks, usually once a month that you had to manually apply. Thankfully, things have moved along a little further than that. However, so have the threats. Now there are a couple of basic rules to follow with antivirus software. Number one: two are not better than one. Only ever have one antivirus product on your computer at a time. If you put more on there, all they do is end up in a virtual fist fight with one another about who’s going to better protect your computer. It will slow it down at best and at worst, kill it. Number two: it is better to have a paid for solution than a free solution. So, although a free product is better than nothing, if you want the best protection for your computer, make sure it’s one that you’ve actually paid for. Tip number three: when it comes to paid for software, do you know what’s really important? You got it. Keep paying for it. I’ve had conversations with people over the years who admit that little pop-up box has arrived saying “Renew Subscription”. And I’ve said, “Have you done it yet?” “I’ll get around to it.” Well, when a piece of antivirus software comes to an end that product, at best, will only protect you against old virus threats – nothing new. And the worst viruses spreading around generally are the latest ones. And if you don’t have the latest protection by still paying for your software you’re not protected, so make sure you keep paying for it

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