Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing – IT Support Episode 149

Whether you like your mother-in-law or not, you don’t want them (or anyone else) falling for this IT support scam…

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Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing (Part 6) – IT Support Episode 149

Hi I’m Christian from Northstar IT. So this week one of my team had a call from one of our clients. She was in a spot of bother about her mother-in-law. Now, see, Caroline’s mum had fallen foul of a scam – an IT company looking like they’re here in the UK calling unsuspected people to sign them up into a lifetime I.T support agreement for a bargain price of £399. Now I can tell you as an IT support provider, if it was actually possible to provide this for a lifetime, we probably would. So after this poor lady got off the phone and was rather stressed about what she’d been bullied into signing up to, her daughter-in-law called us and we came to the rescue. So if you’re ever in doubt about what you’re being asked to do, make sure you can run it by a friend, a relative, or a trusted I.T support provider like us. And then if you’re a bit more savvy, (I want to refer to a lady I used to do some business networking with).  Now she’d been called by a company in a similar situation (about three years ago, I think) and she’d taken some details was somewhat concerned about what they were reporting as being errors from her computer that Microsoft had asked them to give her a call so that they could log in and sort them remotely. And she thought, “I know, I’m going to take some details and then I’m going to drop Christian at Northstar IT a line.” I looked at the website and my conclusion was a 12 year old had probably done that website. Either that, or it had been done in 10 minutes. There were two directors of this company and their postal address was in India. All alarm bells were going off, so I emailed Jenny back and told her do not deal with this company, and she said, “Thanks Christian” and I left her to it. She said they called her back as planned and then she said, “I made a cup of tea” and I wasted their time for two hours. So if you’re savvy like Jenny, have some fun. However, anyone else if in doubt check it out.

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