What do assumptions lead to? – IT Support Episode 127

Mind reading technology hasn’t been developed yet. That happens in the year 2291. So before then, here’s a bit of a self-reminder about ‘assuming’ I thought I’d share with you.

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What do assumptions lead to? – IT Support Episode 127

Assumptions lead to the mother of all f*****s. So this week’s episode is purely focused on me. Well not entirely me, it’s a client of ours as well. They got in touch and decided the time had come to buy a new printer for their office. So the client in question does print on A3 and also, as it’s a multi-function printer, they do use the scanner on top of it as well. However, me being on the cutting edge of technology, overlooked one thing: the client didn’t mention that they still send faxes. Oh wow! What century is this? Believe it or not they still have the need send a few and a couple of their clients still send them faxes as well. So we’d gone and installed this new printer and all of a sudden the question comes up ‘how do you send a fax?’. I am not sure I know how to answer that. Oh, it doesn’t have a fax card in it , but we can supply one. The conclusion was we don’t send that many, so not worth a big investment. We’ll just get a cheap fax machine off of eBay. It was a really good reminder, when you assume you make an ass out of “u” and me. A lesson to you if you’re asking for a quote and you know you do something that perhaps is not quite so common in today’s age then make sure you communicate it.

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