Benefits of Sharepoint (Part 2) – IT Support Episode 122

Hold on to your hats! Here comes the Northstar Support Ship with more benefits about Sharepoint.

Captain Christian and Harvey the boxer dog.

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“What is Sharepoint?” – IT Support Episode 122

Microsoft Office 365 Sharepoint.

So this week, I want to focus on one of the core benefits of using Sharepoint. You can share those files and folders with different members of your team. You can set different permissions, and you can even set ready-only access.

But one of the other really wonderful things that can be done: you can send out a third-party link to a file or a folder to share with clients. Or in the example of Metropolis Visual, who are editing these videos, they have access to my Sharepoint folder to deposit my edited videos ready for uploading.

So whether it be sharing with your team with different permissions or being able to send out links to third-party locations and people – you can do it all with Sharepoint.

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