Is this laptop any good? (Part 2) IT Support Episode 136

Whoa there, laptop shopper. Before you buy that refurbished computer, have you checked its memory? Because let me tell you, if you’re planning on buying some tech with a mechanical hard drive, you’re probably wasting your money.

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Is this laptop any good? (Part 2) IT Support Episode 136″

So if you watched last week’s episode, I referred to Nadia’s query wanting to replace her laptop. So she reached out to her cousin Christian who’s worked in the IT industry for a bloody long time. So she sent me the link to this laptop she’d found. Last week I covered the processor (the brain of the computer)This week I’m covering the storage. Now, the storage in an older computer will be a mechanical hard drive. It will be a bit like one of these: a mechanical hard drive with moving bits in them. You can usually tell because I’ve described the sound effect that they make as being a bit like a demented purring cat. So that tells me that laptopis already going to be really slow. So this week’s tip if you’re being tempted with one of those cheaper second-hand refurbished computers, make sure it doesn’t havea mechanical hard drive in it. You want a solid state drive or SSD for short. If you see hard drive or HDD in the specification, stay away. It will be a waste of money. The only reason to have one of these in a modern computer is if you need an immensely large amount of storage. Because mechanical hard drives are still cheaper, pound for pound, when you go for larger devices. And for most of us doing admin grade tasks on our computers, a solid state drive of 256 Gig,512 Gig or even one terabyte will serve us perfectly. But if in doubt make sure you speak to a friendly IT support professional so you don’t waste money.

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P.S. Nadia placed an order with a laptop from us. With maybe a family discount.

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