What is cyber security? (Part 4) – IT Support Episode 146

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What is cyber security? (Part 4) – IT Support Episode 146

So this week I want to talk about cloud services and how some of them can offer protections to limit access to those systems. There’s a really good feature in Office 365 Business Premium Edition. It enables you to restrict access to your systems based on IP address. IP stands for Internet Protocol. This is how the whole internet works and communicates. But IP addresses are geographical, so if you’ve got a business which, for example, only operates in the UK you can limit access to Outlook or your cloud storage in something like OneDrive or SharePoint access only to UK IP addresses. Again if you’ve got a Europe-wide business you could limit access to those. This is a really good way to automatically block access from certain countries specifically, that are quite often trying to hack these systems. So if you’ve got any questions about cyber security specifically Office 365 business premium and how it can better protect your business your data and your money, leave a comment below or drop me a line. I’ll be more than happy to talk about it.

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