Benefits of Sharepoint (Part 6) – IT Support Episode 126

How important is data to your business? If your answer is “very”, you might want to watch this video. Here’s everything you need to know about backing up your files.

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Benefits of SharePoint (Part 6)” – IT Support Episode 126


Back it up. Yes, it’s come up so many times before but it’s damned important to data. Ask yourself a question: For your business, how important is your data? More importantly, what would happen if it disappeared? How do you get it back? Now, when it comes to Office 365, many many times when I’ve had a conversation with people they turn around and say they believe Microsoft are backing it up for them. Wrong! There is a retention policy of 90 days within SharePoint. There are some options if you’re on the business premium service to extend this. However, that only covers Sharepoint. You’ve also got to think about Microsoft Outlook and if you’re doing a lot of collaborative work within Microsoft Teams., you need a backup for that. We’ve got a nice neat solution with two options a one-year retention and an indefinite retention, which is really useful for regulated industries like financial, services or law. So if you’re interested, please comment below and make sure that you hit subscribe if you’re watching on YouTube.

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