Do you know your left from your right? IT Support Episode 129

If you struggle with your left and your rights, your ups and your downs, your forward slashes and your backslashes, this one’s for you. (That’s got to be a record for the amount of ‘yours’ in one sentence).

Spilt coffee over the computer

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If you would prefer to read, rather than watch…

Do you know your left from your right? – IT Support Episode 129

If you would prefer to read, rather than watch…

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Do you know you’re left from your right? This tale goes back a number of years to a client of mine who has now retired. So we were working on a Saturday. Because Andy wasn’t supposed to be in the office, I was remote connected to his machine to do that work.
However, Andy sometimes being slightly unpredictable turned up unannounced. “Can you configure another machine that’s currently spare so I can log in and work?” “Not a problem, Andy.” But then he calls me back about half an hour later saying: “Christian, this is great. It’s working but I need to print something.” “All you need to do open up Windows Explorer and then on the address bar, type in ‘backslash, backslash, server, backslash’ and then you’ll get a list of the network shares and a load of little grey icons with all the printers listed. Pick out the one that you want to print to, right click on there and then click connect. “Christian it’s not working.” So I start checking some details then quickly realised “Andy, you’re not opening Internet Explorer are you?” “If you hold down the Windows flag key and press the letter “e” at the same time, that’ll open up Windows Explorer for you.” Good tip for you there. “No, it’s not working” I was like, Andy, you are using the backslash aren’t you?” “Which one is that?” “The one to the left of the spacebar” So we got that correct and he gets that list of names up. “Now you need to right click on the printer that you want and click connect” “It’s not working Christian?” “Andy, you are right clicking aren’t you?” “Well, which one is that? “It’s the opposite of a left-click Andy” To which then I got some expletives thrown at me down the telephone.We had a bit of a laugh about it. Alright then, he got his printer working and then he could carry on. Quite often, especially in the wonderful world of IT, there is a big difference between the left and the right. And do remember, things like slashes in the wonderful world of IT do different things depending on which way round they are. If in doubt, speak to one of your professional IT support people. And if you’ve got a comment or would like to share a similar tale you know what to do.

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