Backups are boring (Part 3) – IT Support Episode 103

Continuing the topic of backups, Captain Christian recommends three rules when it comes to doing backups of your business data.

Plus, there could even be cost implications as to how you’re currently backing up and there may be better value ways to do it. Watch to find out more.

If you have any questions or would like a backup review, just contact us we’ll happily get in touch.

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“Backups are boring (Part 3)” – IT Support Episode 103

Check. Review. Test.

Backups may be boring to you but to us professional folk in the IT industry they’re really really important. Especially when one of you gets on the phone to say,

“We’ve lost some data and we need it back.”

I want to highlight a really important set of rules for you to follow when it comes to doing backups of your business data.

Number one.

Make sure you check your backup is working. Quite often companies assume that their backup is working but they only know the truth when they need to recover some data.

Number two.

Make sure you review whatever technology you’re using to do your backups. It doesn’t have to be done every month, of course not. Technology doesn’t change that quick.

But it will do no harm whatsoever to review how you’re backing your data up.

Is it the best way? Is it still functional and is it reliable?

There could even be cost implications to how you’re doing it and there could be better value ways to do it.

Number three.

Test it. Even when you get a green light at the end of a backup. If you’re relying on hardware locally rather than a system up in the cloud the best and only way to truly know it works is to run a damn test.

Once a month I would say. Even more frequently if you wanted to be thorough about it.

Make sure you do a test. At least then you’ll have the most confidence that it’ll work when you need it.

So remember.

Check. Review. Test.

Until next week.

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