Are you backing up with one of these? – IT Support Episode 91

Do you regularly backup your data? And what do you use? Would you be in a position if the worst happened and your entire system needed wiping, would you be able to get all your data back quickly and easily. Captain Christian suggests a simple solution.

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“Are you backing up with one of these?” – IT Support Episode 91

Question number one.

1. Do you back up?

Question number two.

2. What are you backing up with?

So hopefully, you like me, have not seen one of these for quite some time. They were particularly useless for doing backups, unless you were really good at a filing system you’re unlikely to find what you need, when you want it.

Of course, we don’t see floppy disks in the office that often anymore but you do see these, a USB memory stick, and I’d like to say these are about as useless as these (floppy disks) for backing up your data.


Making a copy, moving it from one location to another, absolutely fine. Better still if it’s encrypted.

However, using one of these purely as a backup is a big “NO” from me. If you want a reliable backup, that’s there when you need it whether you’ve had a ransomware attack or just one of you lovely humans, who start pressing buttons on the keyboard and delete something when you least expect it, or a member of staff who worked for one of my clients many years ago who did rely on these, sorted the data on the spreadsheet without selecting all rows and columns and then mismatched the data, hit save, copied it onto the memory stick. It went in the safe and then when the boss opened it the next day, realised, the spreadsheet, that had been built up over years was completely and utterly useless.

Use an automated cloud backup, it’s encrypted, password protected and it will be there when you need it.

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