Do you want to look SMALL? – IT Support Episode 19

Do you want to give the impression that your business is SMALL? Maybe some business owners do?  After all small is beautiful, sometimes! However when it comes to business, it is often beneficial to look more professional and reassuring. It also means when you plan things in the right way, it will grow with you and you don’t waste money in the longer term. This applies to email as well.

So this week Captain Christian talks about the importance of business based domain email for your business.  After all, you have the website, you have a sign written van, you may have signage on your place of work, so why not the email to match it?

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“Do you want to look SMALL?”- IT Support Episode 19

Hi! This is Christian from “Northstar IT” and this week’s topic is, do you want to look small?

So this week I’m covering email for business. And it never ceases to amaze me how many vehicles you can pass out on the road that have been proudly and well designed with sign writing, so they really stick out and catch the eye of a prospective customer.

“Show me somethin’
Show me!”

On there there will probably be a phone number and a website. So they’ve invested some good money in making sure they get that all that detail correct. Then… that’s where it starts going terribly wrong. Then you spot an email address and instead of there being something like ours
which is, you’ll see something like, or and this just screams
small and also a little careless.

Domain based email is really really simple to set up and to have a proper business platform is straightforward, very cost effective and can even give you benefits like synchronised diaries and your contacts, so when you look on your smartphone and then compare it to your tablet everything is there.

BUT! If you’re not using a customised domain email account. For example the,

Then do you know what you’re doing? You’re making your business look small and like a noddy car. So do you want your business to look like a noddy car? Or do you want it to look like a proper sophisticated business suitable sports car?

Perception is key in so many things and business is no less important. And of course, if you do email correctly it scales up. So when your business is really busy and you need to employ another person and get another vehicle out on the road it’s really simple to do and it scales with you.

So do remember, don’t make your business look like a noddy car. Make sure it looks like a sophisticated, well-engineered sports car.

Until next time!

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