Backups are boring (Part 2) – IT Support Episode 102

Do you backup your data? Or are you one of ‘those’ that believes it will never happen to them?

Captain Christian has worked in the IT industry since November 1996.  Yep, THAT long!  There was certainly no grey hair on his head or in his beard back then.  Come to think about it, there wasn’t a beard either.  But if you are one of the people who is following his recommendations of backing up into the cloud with an automated and encrypted backup, well done.  You’re doing as he does!

BUT let’s assume (you know what they lead to) you’re not, what are the two crucial points to think about with your current backup? Well watch episode 102 of his vlog to find out.

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“Backups are boring (Part 2)” – IT Support Episode 102

If you’re one of the good people that is backing up your data and changing your backup medium whatever you’re using, and changing it regularly. But, technology is moving all the time.

It wasn’t that long ago that people were still using these. Certainly these were very common when I started working in IT. We even had to load windows with them.

However, technology has moved on. These trusty little devices are still very common especially for people working remotely, on their own computers at home or certainly on a small scale operation. I’ve even seen people sharing data with these. However, this is not the best form of backup.

You can ask us or any other decent, reputable IT company for a backup review, to make sure that whatever technology you’re using covers two points.


It works best for you now.


It actually works.

If you’d like a review put a comment in the box below (or just contact us), we’ll happily get in touch.

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