Backups are boring (Part 1) – IT Support Episode 101

Do you backup? What do you back up with? Yes, Captain Christian is focussing on backups again but what is the most common area of failure when it comes to backing up? Any guesses? Watch to find out.

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“Backups are boring (Part 1)” – IT Support Episode 101


– Hello

This week I’m talking about backups.

Yes I know I’ve covered this topic before. Backups may be boring to you but to us they’re incredibly important.

Whether you go back to the days of these.

Yeah, not quite a backup medium.

A data cartridge, they do still exist.

Portable hard drive, they can be used to backup servers and workstations.

And then we’ve got these.

You little devils are still using these, to backup data in places.

This is probably the worst thing you can use, after one of those.

This is certainly better and more reliable.

However, the most common area of failure when it comes to backing up.

Any guesses?

Human error is the most common reason for backup failures now. So no matter what you are using to backup your data make sure you are doing it regularly. And don’t do what an old colleague of mine and a client going back many many moons ago. His responsibility was to change a data cartridge, much like one of those every Friday.

Unfortunately, this guy called Sam would have it in his diary to change the backup mid-afternoon on a Friday. And what would he do with some of his colleagues if they’d had a really good week at work.

Down the pub.

And what’s the last thing that was on his mind when he left his desk at five o’clock feeling a little bit rosy. Changing one of these.

So whatever you do, make sure you, just do it.

Until next time.

Back up.

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