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Northstar IT carried out a health check of our whole IT system earlier this year covering both our Crowborough and London offices. We were very impressed with their professionalism and the information report and detailed schematics of our system which they produced. This enabled us to highlight some weaknesses in our system which were slowing the system down, as well as giving us a complete documentation of all our IT system and hardware so that we could ensure that we were fully compliant with licensing and now have all the information to hand in one place.

Following their advice we replaced some of our old switching connections which has given us a much faster connection from our London office to our servers in Crowborough and has also alleviated a potential fire hazard of which we had been unaware. We would recommend everyone with an IT system with multiple users to have a health check carried out for the peace of mind we have obtained both in terms of legal compliance and improved efficiency.

- Susan Camp, PartnerVance Harris LLP

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