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It’s IT support Jim, but not as we know it

When it comes to IT you just want the job done, no hassle, no worry and no delay!  We’ll be part of YOUR team, and its all about trust.
Do you want the stress to go away?

"Abandon Ship? The answer's no! I'm not breaking up the family"

- Captain Janeway,Star Trek: Voyager

So why Northstar IT?

Harvey cursing
We don't do technobabble

although we do sometimes slip into Treknobabble!

Avatar image of a command deck.
We always offer you options

it’s your command deck after all, so you’re in control.

Captain Christian
We never say it can't be done

but we only work within your budget.

Image of bolts.
We're part of YOUR team

we’ll work with you so you can get on with what makes you money.

What our clients say

  • I started with the Founders’ Company three months ago and faced a new position with a company with a tremendous heritage and a lot of protocol in an industry I was unfamiliar with. I had a lot to learn. Northstar could not have been more helpful, always available at the end of the ‘phone and always happy…

    Michelle Newman,Worshipful Company of Founders

    Worshipful Company of Founders

  • I want to say thank you to Christian Fleming and his staff for everything they have done to match me up with the perfect printer for my needs. Being overwhelmed by the products available and having no idea about the differences, I really didn't know what to choose for the best. Christian listened to my likely future…

    Janet Kelly, Proprietor

    Grapevine Communication

  • The new computer is nice and quick, I didn’t realise how slow the old one was getting, hopefully this will last a fair while. What would I do without you.....!!!!

    Val Sparks,

    Private Domestic Client

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Here are our Mission Specialities

IT Support

Let our crew become part of your team with five levels of support delivering the IT service you need.

Cloud Services

Secure and cutting edge infrastructures that enable flexible, collaborative & productive working from anywhere, maintained 24/7.

Hardware and Software

Expert help and advice upgrading, replacing or integrating your hardware, software and network.


How could migrating to the cloud help your business?

Call our Bridge on 01903 25 99 23 to find out.

What our clients say

  • I'm very pleased with my new PC and the very professional service provided by Northstar IT.

    Mr Adrian Schwalb,

    Private Domestic Client

  • I'll keep it simple... We would be lost without you!

    Ryan Marfleet,Managing Director

    Schmidt Wimbledon

  • This is a video testimonial from one of our longest standing clients. Joy is one of the Directors of DSL, and who we work directly with, supporting her and her team's IT needs, ensuring we take any pain away that IT can sometimes cause, freeing them up to do their jobs. But watch the video, she says…

    Joy McCurdy,Director

    Delron Services Ltd

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