The 2020 Problem

Time is running out – so face The 2020 Problem like a hero

In January, Microsoft is killing Windows 7. Shame, as it was a great operating system. Popular yet ageing badly.


When Microsoft abandons an operating system (officially called end of life), it stops updating it, or fixing it when it breaks.


We are pretty sure that hackers who have already discovered bugs they can exploit, are waiting for this to happen. And then they’ll start hitting businesses still using these out of date machines.

The other problem is GDPR. This states that you must use up to date software. It certainly won’t be up to date if it has reached the end of its life. That leaves you with little defence in the event of a data breach.


We’ve written a new guide about facing The 2020 Problem like a hero (with a tenuous tie in to Christmas hero films). Because you need to take action quickly – ideally before the holidays.


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