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The year is 1986, and during this time, Doctor Who makes a triumphant return to the screen after an 18-month absence. Ringo Starr lends his voice to narrate his final episode of Thomas the Tank Engine, and a staggering 30.15 million viewers eagerly watch Dirty Dennis and Angie as they initiate divorce proceedings on Eastenders.

However, if you were a fortunate owner of a personal computer at that point, you may recall a more unsettling occurrence – the ‘Brain’ computer virus.

This pioneering computer virus had its origins in custom software created for a Pakistani doctor but soon spread its influence across the globe, infecting personal computers with the ominous message: “Welcome to the dungeon. Contact us for vaccination.”

The code, initially developed by two brothers, was never intended to evolve into a global virus. Nevertheless, it quickly traversed the world, earning its place in the annals of computing history as the very first known piece of code capable of spreading through software.

You might be wondering what the relevance of this tale is, Captain. Well, the point is clear: viruses have undergone a remarkable evolution since 1986. Without the protection of the right antivirus software, you might become one of the 5.5 billion individuals who fall victim to cyberattacks each year.

While ‘Brain’ was initially a playful piece of code, its modern successors are a far more serious matter. If safeguarding your data and security is of importance to you, my recommendation is to fortify your defences before it’s too late.

I trust you now comprehend the significance of this matter. What’s the next step, you may ask?

Should you desire to learn how Northstar IT can fortify your systems against the ever-evolving threat of viruses, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today at 01903 25 99 23. We possess the solution to immunise your technology.

Captain Christian signing off!

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