IT Support for Architects

IT Support that lets you get on with drawing your passion

We all love what we do, for us it is looking after your computers. But we understand for you and your business, it’s drawing those plans and helping your clients fulil their dreams though their properties, making their dreams become a reality. It’s your passion, like IT is ours!

Do you want the worry about your computers being up to date with the latest security patches, making your sure client data is safe and not leaving your exposed to a UK GDPR breach?  Do you want to have to face the ICO if you have had a data breach?  Of course not!  Leave that headache to us, giving you the peace of mind to get on with what you love to do.

As an Architect with a passion for design, we understand that you need to rely on your computers and IT to be there, working and performing for you, at the performance level you need, especially when you’re under a tight deadline.  With clients wanting their plans finalised at lightning speed, we understand you want that worry taken away, so you can work on your passion, not ours!

We’re also more than familiar with the specialised needs of AutoCAD, Adobe CS, SketchUp, Vectorworks and BIM too, so we can make sure you have the hardware that performs to your expectations and the needs of your software as well.

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The best IT Support is not just the Helpdesk that you call when things are going wrong, but it is the team of geeks in the background working to keep your system healthy, secure and operational all the time.  We do a number of things from behind the scenes when you have contract support, to keep your system working when you need it.  This includes:

  • Monitoring your backups so your data is there when something goes wrong,
  • Monitoring your anti-virus protection, to make sure it is working and up to date,
  • Keeping your computers up to date with the latest security patches to keep them secure,
  • Making sure you computers are healthy, and proactively advising you when things can be improved to make your job easier and more productive.

Let’s face it, what is it they say? “Prevention is better than cure!” And that is exactly what we have been doing as a business, looking after businesses like yours since May 1999.

Would you like to have a chat about how we can take the pain away from you and your team?  We’ll even offer you a free, no obligation review of your system.  We’re sure we will find something that is wrong or could be improved upon.  Why?  Call it experience.  Open hailing frequencies with The Bridge by calling 01903 25 99 23, Monday to Friday 0830-1730.

Alternatively start operating your business at warp speed, by booking an informal chat with Charlie, just by clicking on the green Calendly button below. You can pick a time that suits YOU!  Charlie can even send you a complimentary book on Email security.  Nothing geeky, it is written in your language, not in Klingon.

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