What does BCC mean? – IT Support Episode 154

Want to know the benefits of using the BCC field for emailing? All is revealed in my latest video.

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What does BCC mean? – IT Support Episode 154

This week I want to cover the BCC field in email. BCC stands for blind carbon copy (I know just like the CC field, it seems really dumb when we’re talking about electronic mail). By default, in Outlook it is not switched on, but it’s a really useful field where you can then include someone who needs to see what you’re sending, but doesn’t need to be included in correspondence. If you’re following that good email etiquette

from two episodes ago about reply to all, that can get awfully messy if people are seeing responses, and being included in email correspondence

going back and forth. And do remember email is not a chat forum – that is what Microsoft Teams is for. So remember, the BCC field is there and to include it when you want to send someone a copy who doesn’t need to be included publicly. That can be quite useful for just keeping someone in the loop who needs to remain in the background. If you’ve got any questions about the BCC, CC, or even reply to all, comment below and I’ll be happy to reply.

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