Is your PC slowing you down?

Some simple ideas to give your PC a new lease of life, but not as you know it!

With more home workers than ever, here are some simple and cost effective ways to give those older computers a new lease of life.

Believe it or not, even we have had to drag some older kit back into service that wasn’t intended.  We had a laptop that was only two years old, but it needed a fresh installation of Windows, so off we went.  Well with this new’ish laptop ready to go, I was prepping for a Zoom meeting but was horrified that this laptop was doing anything but ‘zooming’ along!

After checking the spec, I thought this laptop should be working faster than this, and then I heard it (after I cursed a few times).  In the silence of my office, I could hear that all too familiar ‘purr’ of a mechanical hard drive spinning away.  It’s a noise I haven’t heard in a while, so I did have to think twice about it!

Let us help fix it
"Change is the essential process of all existence"

- Spock,Star Trek: The Original Series

Captain Christian and Harvey the boxer dog in the Northstar IT Space Rocket.

So back the laptop went to Main Engineering (currently on a spilt away mission), for an upgrade.  Engineer Dave arrived in his little shuttle pod and collected the laptop.  The old mechanical hard drive AKA a HDD was removed and our super-efficient engineer replaced it with a larger double the size (500Gb to a 1Tb) SDD (Solid State Drive).  These drives use less power, so the laptop will work for longer off battery, they are much faster and will withstand the shock of being dropped far better than a HDD.

The result was a laptop went from taking SO long to boot up, I went and made a cup of tea, to one that took seconds to load!  It was more than ready for my Zoom meetings which were lined up, and this laptop went from being ready for laptop heaven to being fit and ready for duty again.

Even in these challenging times we can still carry these upgrades out for you.  Whether we come and collect a desktop or laptop, or we can use our trusty courier service to shuttle your PCs and laptops around.  A simple upgrade like this can cost as little as £149+VAT for the solid state drive and the labour.  But it would also be an ideal opportunity to make sure you have enough RAM (the working memory) too.  Obviously this is cheaper than a new machine and can certainly be delivered quicker too.

If you would like to learn more about the difference between a mechanical and solid state drive, check out this HDD vs SSD article from the storage and memory manufacturer Crucial.

Would like to have a no obligation quote or a friendly chat about your options, email our helpdesk here and one of the crew will be in touch.

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