Has the smartphone killed the laptop? – IT Support Episode 99

In a family conversation recently about technology, Captain Christian was asked by his dad, if he thought the likes of the smartphone and tablet had killed off the need for a conventional laptop or desktop computer. If you have ever tried to use these devices to do anything other than browse the Internet or send emails, then you will know the likely answer.

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“Has the smart phone killed the laptop” – IT Support Episode 99

So, my dad and I often end up talking about technology. Believe it or not it’s probably one of the few things that we have in common. So he asked me, “has the likes of smartphones and tablets killed off the need for a conventional laptop and potentially a desktop computer?”


If you’ve tried to do editing of something like an excel spreadsheet on even a decent iPad Pro you will feel the frustration straight away and it’s not only that. Those devices have really been designed to browse the internet and your data.

In fact, I would say email’s probably about the limit in most cases. Of course there’s an app for that but it doesn’t mean it’s replaced a regular computer, and although smartphones have come a long way since the days of my very trusty Nokia N97 they’ve got a long way to go to replace the conventional needs and value and use of a regular computer.

There are some swanky devices from companies like Microsoft with their Surface Pro Range, those are conventional laptops that you can buy as a tablet and attach a keyboard to it but if in doubt, ask your IT people, and as I’ve quoted on many of these videos. If you buy the wrong item the first time it can only cost you double or more the second time but if you’ve got any comments or feedback or maybe even a question about a future video put it in the comments below.

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