A Metaphor from 1,344 Light Years Away

Greetings, Reader,

It’s another October, and as expected, we’re bombarded with Halloween-themed puns in our inbox. But fear not; you won’t find any “curse of the cursor” or “spooktacular IT systems” titles here. Instead, I offer you a metaphor from the depths of the cosmos.

For those who follow the latest discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope, you’re likely aware that a cluster of unattached celestial objects was recently observed within the Orion Nebula – the most extensive collection of stars in close proximity to Earth.

Before you picture us roaming around in a Support Ship, let me clarify that these objects were, in fact, planets as massive as Jupiter (eleven times the size of Earth), drifting freely without the gravitational pull of a star. They’ve been aptly named “Jumbos” by scientists.

“So, Captain, what’s the metaphor here?”

Are you ready for it? Just as a Jumbo planet drifts through space without the guidance of a star, your IT systems can be equally unguided without professional IT support.

What you require is a guiding star, specifically a Northstar.

“Yes, Captain, that metaphor was indeed rather thinly veiled.”

Well, at least I spared you a Halloween pun. If you wish to discuss your IT needs or schedule a free IT site survey, reach out to our team today at 01903 25 99 23.

Until next time. 👻


Image of space

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